I am a Scottish illustrator, storyteller & creative thinker based in Vancouver.

50% introvert - 50% extrovert, tea drinking, bagel eating, big hill climbing, photo taking, cheap laughing, redheaded, people person & sentimental goofball.

While studying Communication Design my passion for illustration grew, I graduated in the Summer of 2017 and soon after packed up my life into a backpack and made a solo move to Vancouver where I’ve been living ever since. I’m constantly inspired by exploring a new country, the artistic culture of my new city, the people I meet & the conversations I have.


I tell stories through my illustrations.

A big part of my work is telling stories & tackling more serious & worldly issues by using subtle humour. I think that humour is an amazing way to grab people’s attention and portray messages. For me, to make someone laugh is the greatest feeling in the world, but to make someone laugh while opening their mind to new ideas is one up from that. I love using block colours and minimal backgrounds to make the main focus of the illustration stand out.